Erin Garden Club and Horticultural Society

Gardening Links

Interesting Places To Visit

The Arboretum, University of Guelph.....Much information regarding the plant collections, animal life and events happening at the Guelph Arboretum.

The Royal Botanical Gardens.....All the information you'll ever need about the activities and events at the RBG.

Humber Arboretum....Visitor information, upcoming events and more!

Plant Care.....A wealth of information on caring for plants for indoors and out.

Positive Effect of Gardening.....Clinical Trials on the Positive Effects of Gardening

Gardening Information

The Internet's Garden Community.....Many gardening resources available covering 90 plants and topics.

Gardening Information.....Information on how to grow plants both indoors and out.

The Dirt Doctor.....Information on natural, organic gardening.

Pest Management.....How to identify and manage insects, mites and diseases.

The Homeowner's Guide to Landscping and Gardening.....Learn more about landscaping and gardening.

Greenhouses.....Good information about the different kinds of greenhouses available.

Gardening Information.....A wealth of gardening information including Gardening for Seniors

Master Gardener Fact Sheets.....Information on a broad range of horticultural topics.

Rare Plants of Ontario.....Interesting information about rare plants in Ontario.

Sod Webworm.....How to Control Sod Webworm.

Container Gardening.....A Complete Guide to Container Gardening.

Dividing Perennials.....A very good guide on when to divide perennials.

Pesticide Alternatives.....A guide with organic, homemade, and agricultural alternatives.

Gardening Resources for Seniors.....Gardening information tailored to seniors.

A Home Gardening Guide for the Family.....A wonderful source of gardening information and projects.

Plant Sources

Botanus.....A good mail-order source for Canadian plants.

Guildwood Cannas and Tropicals.....Canadian source for cannas.

Smiddycroft Perennials.....Canadian source for perennials.

Vesseys.....A good site for ordering plants and garden tools.

Greenscape Nursery & Rockwood Florist.....An excellent nursery and florist.

Sheridan Nursery.....An excellent source for plants, shrubs and trees.

Humber Nurseries.....An excellent source for plants and a butterfly conservatory.


Ontario Hosta Society

Ontario Daylily Society

Canadian Peony Society

Southern Ontario Orchid Society

Ontario Regional Lily Society


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